SkyPics Aerial Photography is Victoria’s' trusted and reliable source for on demand custom aerial photography.

Although Based in Melbourne, we cover all areas of Victoria and Australia.

With over 35 years of experience supporting government and the commercial, construction, development and real estate industries, we know how to effectively showcase your property for ad copy, presentations, site reconnaissance or construction progress photos--We understand what you're trying to accomplish!

As a major division of Peter Barker Photography Pty Ltd, we are able to produce better quality results at a more competitive rate because we can spread our overheads. – When it’s raining, we are still working. Therefore our downtime costs are minimised, not loaded into the aerial rates

We do want to provide our clients with the best. So good weather days are essential for best results.
(We have shot during rain storms - at the clients request of course).

Where conditions allow, same day service is avaialble .

Only the highest quality equipment and processing are used.

All of our work is guaranteed.